We started in Summer 2018

Sam Williams (Summer'18), James Fyfe (Summer'18), Zach Morrissey (Summer'18), Andy Ly (Summer'18), Orlando Wong (Fall'18)

As of 11/19 we now have 9 members in our Take Five group. For announcements and where we plan to meet next, e-mail anyone for an invite code for Band.

James' Set Implementation | presented in class 8/24/18

Group Scrabble Implementation | presented in class 8/31/18

Group 2048 Implementation | presented in class 9/12/18

Group "Click on the Highest Value Ball" | presented in class 10/17/18

Spring 2019: In parallel to sharing our work from over the summer, we are consolidating and organizing our work into a curriculum. We meet at the City College Chinatown Campus from 4pm - 6:20pm on Wednesdays as well as various locations on Saturdays. Please contact Zach or Andy to learn more.
Grace's Spring 2019 classes can be found on [[ CCSF hills ]]