CS111A (Section 31850)

Spring 2018

9:10am - 11am (M/W)

ACRC, PC-Lab 1

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus (subject to change throughout the semester)

Homework Assignments are submitted through our course Canvas site

The textbook used for this course is referenced in the Syllabus and is available on 2-hour reserve in the library

Miscellaneous Information

Using Hills @CCSF for Completing Homework Assignments

Using repl.it for Completing Homework Assignments

Homework Submission


Programming Lab 1: Hour of Code Programming Puzzles due Monday 1/22/18 | raw

Programming Lab 2: Hello World due Wednesday 1/24/18 | raw

Class Notes

Computer and Java Basics

Sample Programs

HelloWorld.java | Sample console output

Echo.java | Using the Scanner class for console input