CS 160A - Configuration and the Environment

Text Editors and Prompts (Chapters 11, 12, 13 Shotts)

Environment Variables

Your "Home" directory can be seen in a few ways:

[me@linuxbox ~]$ echo $HOME

The HOME variable on command line stores the absolute pathname of your home directory.

Table 11-1 shows some of the other interesting envrionment variables available in most Linux distributions. Some noteable ones are:

Text Editors

Text editors are invoked on the command line. For example, if we want to use gedit, we can do:

[me@linuxbox ~]$ gedit some_file

Graphic text editors are pretty self-explanatory but there are a number of text-based editors available in the Linux environment.

One file you can practice editing is the .bashrc file

Always make sure to create a backup

You can see many of the available text editors here