CS160A (Section 31858)

Spring 2018

1:10pm - 3pm (M/W)

Batmale 413

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus (subject to change throughout the semester)

Homework Assignments are submitted through our course Canvas site

The textbook used for this course is free and available online. In our explorations with the Linux system, we'll regularly be referring to this course text:

The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction by William E. Shotts. Jr web reference

Miscellaneous Information

Using Hills @CCSF for Completing Homework Assignments

Homework Submission

Greg Boyd's Introduction to Linux CS160B modules


Assignment 1 due Wednesday 2/7/18 | raw

Assignment 2 (Coming Soon) due Wednesday 2/28/18 | raw

Assignment 3 (Coming Soon) due Wednesday 3/14/18 | raw

Class Notes

Shell and Navigating File Structures: Shotts Chapters 1-3

Basic Commands


Posted 1/29/18Wildcards

Posted 1/31/18File Systems, Symbolic Links: Shotts Chapters 4, 5, 7

In-Class Lab Assignments to Turn in On Canvas

Due Monday, 1/22/18: In-Class Lab 1: Submitting an Output Script Session | raw

Due Monday 1/24/18: In-Class Lab 2: SCP/SFTP | raw

Due Monday 1/29/18: In-Class Lab 3: Getting Started with Wildcards | raw

Due Wednesday 1/31/18: In-Class Lab 4: Find and Locate | raw

Due Monday 2/6/18: In-Class Lab 5: Let's Build a Playground | raw