Fall 2017

1:10pm - 3pm

Batmale 413

Course Text

The Linux Command Line, Reference Book for this course written by William Shotts

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus (subject to change throughout the semester)

Miscellaneous Information

posted 10/24/17Final grades will be available on Web4 by 11/1. In the mean time, you should be able to see all of your available grades on Canvas.

posted 8/30/17CCSF Coders, CCSF Hackers, CCSF Linux Users Group, CCSF Web Developers & Designers and CCSF Women Who Code are hosting 2 peer advising sessions on Wednesday and Thursday

posted 8/30/17You may be dropped from the course if you do not have a hills account by the fourth meeting. Double check in class for attendance status.

Assignment Guidelines

Computer Access and Use Information

In-Class Exercises

posted 10/2/17Exercises Basic Regular Expressions | Refer to Boyd's Regular Expression Notes here

posted 9/17/17Exercises File Utils 3 | Filenames are Illusions!

posted 10/2/17Exercises Filters 2 | Refer to pages 281-287 of Schotts

posted 9/17/17Exercises Filter

posted 9/5/17Practice Permissions | Refer to pages 89-108 of Schotts

posted 9/5/17Find and Locate | Refer to pages 213-229 of Schotts

posted 8/27/17SCP and SFTP | Refer to pages 205-212 of Schotts

posted 8/27/17Wildcards | Refer to pages 25-28 of Schotts

Labs and Assignments

posted 10/10/17Assignment 3, due Wednesday 10/18/17 | Hints for Completing Assignment 3

posted 10/10/17Lab 7, due Monday 10/16/17 | Post questions to our Canvas Lab 7 Discussion Board | raw

posted 10/1/17 (Handed out in class 9/27/17)Lab 6, due Wednesday 10/4/17 | Post questions to our Canvas Lab 6 Discussion Board

posted 8/24/17Assignment 2, due Monday 10/1/17 | raw

posted 9/19/17Lab 5, Lab 5 Submission, due Monday 9/25/17 | Post questions to our Canvas Lab 5 Discussion Board.

posted 9/13/17Lab 4, due Monday 9/18/17 | Post questions to our Canvas Lab 4 Discussion Board.

posted 9/1/17Lab 3, due Friday 9/8/17 | raw

posted 9/1/17Assignment 1, due Monday 9/11/17 | raw

posted 8/27/17Lab 2, due Friday 9/1/17 | raw

posted 8/22/17Lab 1 (Parts 3 of 3), due Wednesday 8/30/17 | raw

posted 8/20/17Lab 1 (Parts 2 of 3)

Course Notes

Sed by Boyd

Regular Expressions by Boyd

Learning About File Types by Shotts

posted 8/20/17BasicCommands by Boyd